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The leading Finnish prog-magazine Colossus reviews the Dark Matters!

”Scene II, The Lunatic – Black Monk is a true masterpiece within a masterpiece.”

“This makes Dark Matters one of the most prominent Finnish releases of the year and probably the same applies to the foreign releases as well.”

“As even the language presents no problems, Dark Matters suits very well as an export-item of the Finnish progressive music know-how.“

– Teijo Salminen, Colossus Magazine #46

A Favorable review of “Dark Matters” in SOS!

To our great and very pleasurable surprise Sound On Sound magazine wrote a review of Dark Matters! Are we on the roll?! 🙂 Couple of quotes:

“The slickness of the production, the musical self‑restraint — and the formidable vocals add up to a surprisingly listener‑friendly experience.”

“CDFME’s strength is that they’re not as self‑indulgent as many of their contemporaries, and the album is all the more compelling as a result.”

–Chris Korff /

Those lucky who are subscribers of this world’s best and highly respected audio magazine will be able to read the whole review free online.

Dark Matters reviewed at

“In an era when the mass consumers relate to music with a passive dumbness, skipping the tracks that they don’t dig within the first ten seconds, it’s respectful that there are still music makers who treasure the challenging concept album as a form of expression. Even more respectful is to find music makers who have been able to fit creeping madness into a musical outfit. There isn’t too much progressive rock with a splash of gothic made in this world.” “8 Stars” 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀  8.02.2014, Kalevi Heino

Read the whole review HERE (in Finnish)

Nice review in ProgArchives

Dark Matters got 4 stars 😀 😀 😀 😀  in a review in ProgArchives. MattiP wrote: “This is one of the most ambitious and most progressive Finnish albums recently, and I hope it will gain more reviews/rating in the Archives as it surely would deserve.” You can read the whole review: HERE

New Album “Dark Matters” Available Now!

New Album “Dark Matters” Available Now!

Our brand new record titled “Dark Matters” is now available!
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Dark Matters track listing:

  1. Prologue, The Sprite > White Shadow
  2. Scene I, The Zealot > Black Mist

  3. Scene II, The Lunatic > Black Monk
  4. Scene III, The Addict > Dark Passenger
  5. Epilogue, The Limbo> Transcend Chemistry