Contemporary Dead Finnish Music Ensemble

Ideal Standards review on ProgArchives

ProgArchives reviewer “apps79” writes about the music on Ideal Standards Vol. 1 much better than we ever could. We thank you Sir!

“The album brings to mind the spacey and grandiose approach of AYREON or the bombastic/melodic sound of EXPLORER’S CLUB and comes like an interesting mix of Space Rock, Heavy Prog and modern Neo Prog, where the tracks are carefully measured but at the same time quite demanding. The music relies heavily upon SirkiƤ’s crystalline vocals, Antti Pesonen’s nice rhythm guitars and intricate solos and Jalava’s diverse keyboard parts.”Ideal Standards Vol. 1” is extremely lyrical, but it contains also plenty of good instrumental ideas with spacey synthesizers, bombastic tunes and melodic textures.” — apps79, ProgArchives

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