Ideal Standards Vol. 1 CD


“One of the best records of Finnish prog-rock. 5 stars.” ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪  – ProgePirkka, ProgolForum


1. Human Sordinos 3:04 mp3
2. Ozone 5:28 mp3
3. HighKing Music 5:52 mp3 (lyrics)
4. ThinKing Music Pt. 2 4:43 mp3
5. Dark Ages 7:49 mp3 (lyrics)
6. Zephyr 5:08 mp3
7. The Silent Side of Me 6:49 mp3
8. The Probe (Away from The Way) 5:40 mp3 (lyrics)
9. Stop The Machine! 10:21 mp3 (lyrics)

All music, titles, lyrics and arrangements made by Antti Pesonen (AP) unless otherwise indicated.
Track 1: music by AP – Jalava, lyrics and title by Kalle Laine.
Track 3: music by AP – Talja.
Tracks 2, 5 & 7: lyrics by Kimmo Kankaanpää – AP.
Track 9: original lyrics by Marko Latvanen, English translation by AP.

Engineered, recorded (*) and mixed (from summer 2000 until summer 2004) by AP at mellvox studios and at the Finnish National Opera Studio with the great and irreproachable help of gentlemen Huotari, Laukkanen and Vahvelainen – and – “Father of Sound” Mr. Tiitinen.
(*) Steinway Model D on track 1 recorded by Kai Lassfolk at FNO.

℗ 2004 Antti Pesonen

© TEOSTO/NCB SimulacruM Records SLACD002. All Rights Reserved.

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Contemporary Dead Finnish Music Ensemble - Ideal Standards Vol. 1 (CD)
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