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1. White Shadow
2. Black Mist
3. Black Monk
4. Dark Passenger
5. Transcend Chemistry

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Contemporary Dead Finnish Music Ensemble - Land of Hope

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Contemporary Dead Finnish Music Ensemble: Land of Hope

Distribution by Töölön Musiikkitukku (TMT)

Land of Hope

“Finnish Prog like Mom used to make!” -- Nick in Fresno
“The album really sounds accomplished, a good ensemble with personality.” -- Matti Kervinen, Wolfgang Records 

"Highly recommended." --Marc Roy, ProGGnosis - Progressive Rock & Fusion

"One of the finest records of the Finnish progressive rock. Five stars. --ProgePirkka, ProgolForum


1. Returning 4:18 mp3
2. Stranger In My Hometown 6:18 mp3
3. Psycho Rollercoaster 4:15 mp3
4. The Orange Tip 5:48 mp3
5. Land Of Hope 4:33 mp3
6. All I Need 4:30 mp3
7. ThinKing Music Pt. 1 mp3
8. Kharon (On The Ferry) 11:30 mp3

Katja Sirkiä, vocals
Antti Pesonen, guitars, synthesizers, programming and sound manipulation
Matti Jalava, organ, electric piano, keyboards and vocals
Eero Uurtimo, bass
Tuomo Lassila, drums and percussions

Special guest: Rami Talja, Warr Guitar in "Psycho Rollercoaster" and "Land of Hope"

String quartet in "All I Need":
Katariina Pesonen, violin
Mikko Pesonen, violin
Max Savikangas, viola
Sanna Palas-Lassila, cello

All music composed and arranged by Antti Pesonen

Lyrics: "Stranger In My Hometown","Psycho Rollercoaster","Land Of Hope" and "All I Need" by Make Latvanen. "Returning" and "Lilith (Daughter Of Night)" by Kimmo Lassila. "Kharon (On The Ferry)" by Lassila / Pesonen. "The Orange Tip" by Matti Jalava.

Recorded, engineered and mixed by Antti Pesonen at Mellvox Studios between June '07 - July '09. "All I Need" string quartet co-recorded with Kai Lassfolk at Finnish National Opera May '08.

Mastered at Chartmakers by Svante Forsbäck September '09
Artwork, logos and layout by Matti Jalava
Photographs by Qumma

SimulacruM Records SLACD 003
Produced by Antti Pesonen © 2009

ThinKing Music Pt. 1 is dedicated to the memory of Pekka Pojola. R.I.P.
The Orange Tip is dedicated to Riikka-Marian.
Out gratitude goes to our families, mates, loved ones, fans & everybody involved in creating this album. Thank You. E la nave va.

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Contemporary Dead Finnish Music Ensemble - Ideal Standards, Vol. 1

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Contemporary Dead Finnish Music Ensemble: Ideal Standards, Vol. 1

Distribution by Töölön Musiikkitukku (TMT)

Ideal Standards Vol. 1


1. Human Sordinos 3:04 mp3
2. Ozone 5:28 mp3
3. HighKing Music 5:52 mp3
4. ThinKing Music Pt. 2 4:43 mp3
5. Dark Ages 7:49 mp3
6. Zephyr 5:08 mp3
7. The Silent Side of Me 6:49 mp3
8. The Probe (Away from The Way) 5:40 mp3
9. Stop The Machine! 10:21 mp3

All music, titles, lyrics and arrangements made by Antti Pesonen (AP) unless otherwise indicated.
Track 1: music by AP - Jalava, lyrics and title by Kalle Laine.
Track 3: music by AP - Talja.
Tracks 2, 5 & 7: lyrics by Kimmo Kankaanpää - AP.
Track 9: original lyrics by Marko Latvanen, English translation by AP.

Engineered, recorded (*) and mixed (from summer 2000 until summer 2004) by AP at mellvox studios and at the Finnish National Opera Studio with the great and irreproachable help of gentlemen Huotari, Laukkanen and Vahvelainen - and - "Father of Sound" Mr. Tiitinen.
(*) Steinway Model D on track 1 recorded by Kai Lassfolk at FNO.
SimulacruM SLACD002
Produced by Antti Pesonen © 2004

Here is a review of the album written by Saku Mantere, originally published at the CD Baby website:


“I take it the name selected for this band is both an ironical expression as well as an expression of defiance: "sure we know prog rock is considered a dead art form, but we do it anyway". Indeed, the ensemble, really a disguise for an ambitious project by guitarist/producer/composer Antti Pesonen, manages to breath new life to an art form long considered to be either dead or at least fused with technically oriented heavy metal.

The first thing that arouses my interest are the melodies. Antti Pesonen has a knack of writing engaging melodies, and developing them through a compositional method not unlike that of a concert music composer. In this sense, the structures of the songs remind me of Yes in their prime, even if we do not hear any 20-minute epics. You can hear this development of themes throughout the album, and in a sense the album can be best enjoyed as a complete package, not as a collection of catchy melodies.

"Human sordinos" serves as a beautiful intro to the album. It is an atmospheric piece, a male voice accompanied by a pianist. The song is best understood as a starting statement for the album, as a preparation for things to come. Matti Jalava's seasoned voice and the lyrical chords played on the piano remind me of Genesis.

"Ozone" gets the album going. It stands on the frontier between the sharp modernity of King Crimson and the epic excursions of heroic heavy metal. The most striking initial reaction is Katja Sirkiä's confidant and striking vocals, reminiscent of such punk-oriented yet literate artists such as Toyah.

Sirkiä also drives "Highking music", which takes us closer to heroic heavy metal. While its rising chord structure reminds me of Rainbow and Iron Maiden, the classical melodic development of the song is untypical to the often riff-driven metal pieces.

"Thinking music pt.2", on the other hand, moves us across the border back into Crimsonesque modernity. It is an instrumental, full of symmetrical scales and jagged, calculated guitar lines. In my opinion, the best guitar work on the album can be found in this piece. If I had to point out a cousin of this song, I would have to say "Breathless" from Robert Fripp's solo album "Exposure".

Matti Jalava returns in the vocals department for "Dark ages" which begins
In the same modernist vein as the previous piece, but is masterfully developed into a joyous epic rocker. This is where I feel Antti Pesonen's compositional talents are at their best: a melody strong enough to be developed from multiple angles, and the compositional skill to be able to do this development.

"Zephyr" is a radical departure from the previous pieces, a Zeppelinesque instrumental ballad. This is the perfect timing for such a departure as there is a radical change of mood in the rather uniform sound of the first five pieces. Zephyr is a bridge into a new development.

If modernism was the key word for the first part of the album "The silent side of me" defines a second portion, which relies on atmosphere and minimalism. This song is an experiment in psychedelic sound, somewhat reminiscent of Pink Floyd. Sirkiä portrays a more laid-back approach to vocalizing, as a moody hippie gal replaces the jagged punk matron.

"The probe" is another minimalist atmospheric piece reminiscent of the seventies; this time the power word is synth pop. The moog synthesizer sound pierces an interstellar starscape as the signals are transmitted into outer space.

"Stop the machine" is a summary of the elements heard through the album. It starts as an anxious plea to stop the modernist machine, and ends as a sweet coda in the heroic metal / psychedelic vein. A worthy conclusion to an exciting attempt of breathing new life into an art form, long thought to be extinct.”

-- Saku Mantere, 2005.

The evolution and research will continue inexorably.
Look forward to Volume 2 in the near future!

E la nave va.

Let us hear what Nick in Fresno tells us about TEKNIIKAN IHMEET:
“In 98 there was a wonderful Finnish band called TEKNIIKAN IHMEET that released a fresh-sounding, adventurous music CD called “Väylien hälyä”. It was a concept album about the problems of communication in the age when communication is supposed to be easier than ever. I love a concept album with a concept, don't you? It's all in Finnish but with a little help from friends, the lyrics show themselves to be quite poignant. The tunes on this album are all keepers by prog standards; with all the elements we look for & without a trace of pandering.” TI thanks you, Nick!

We would like to offer you a rare chance of getting a taste of this currently out of print concept album as mp3 clips. Here you are, enjoy:


Music by Pesonen-Savikangas-Jalava-Vaaka-Talja-Lassila.
Lyrics by Jalava
Tekniikan Ihmeet © 1997 (Out of print)

Kontaktiin 1:14 mp3
Kanavalla 3:25 mp3
Radiohiljaisuus 6:07 mp3
Pysäyttäkää kone I 1:24 mp3
Kova kone 9:13 mp3
Pysäyttäkää kone II 1:12 mp3
Väylien hälyä 1:54 mp3
Synkroonikot 2:21 mp3
Pysäyttäkää kone III 1:49 mp3
Deus ex machina 6:08 mp3
Pelit ja vehkeet 2:54 mp3
Viimeinen sammuttaa valot 1:48 mp3

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