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Dark Matters

“The slickness of the production, the musical self‑restraint — and the formidable vocals add up to a surprisingly listener‑friendly experience.” –Chris Korff /

“This is one of the most ambitious and most progressive Finnish albums recently.” ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ – Matti/ProgArchives

“I dig. Very good album – congratulations! I dig very much about the soundscapes all around and the songs feel ”BIG” … 🙂 ” — Juha Ruokangas, Guitar Luthier Extraordinaire / Ruokangas Guitars

71% of planet Earth is covered by water. About 60% of the human body consists of water. Dark energy currently accounts for 73% of the total mass-energy of the Universe. How much dark energy is in human brain? We all have a dark side don’t we?

Dark Matters is about particular human beings whose normal personalities have also something extra, something dark & undisclosed. They want from life more than it can deliver. They don’t settle for the mediocre, instead they want something from the stars… And remember: Everyone has a secret!

Thank you for joining this journey with us. – Ex umbris ad lucem


  1. Prologue, The Sprite > White Shadow (lyricsMP3
  2. Scene I, The Zealot > Black Mist
  3. Scene II, The Lunatic > Black Monk (lyricsMP3
  4. Scene III, The Addict > Dark Passenger (lyricsMP3
  5. Epilogue, The Limbo> Transcend Chemistry (lyricsMP3

Total Playing Time: 52:33

“I have felt the wind of the wings of madness.” – Charles Baudelaire

Music, Words & Concept > Antti Pesonen

The Black Monk is based on a short story on the same name by Anton Chekhov (1894).

Recorded, Engineered & Mixed between 2011-2013 at Mellvox Studios by Antti Pesonen

Mastered at Chartmakers by Svante Forsbäck

Over the years this record took to produce many people have contributed in one way or another. CDFME gives big thanks to all who helped or played!

Graphic Design & Cover Artwork > Ewa Galak

2013 Antti Pesonen

© TEOSTO/NCB SimulacruM Records SLACD004. All Rights Reserved.

Distributed by Running Moose Productions

Contact us by writing Email to: info AT cdfme DOT com

Also available in iTunes: CDFME in iTunes and Bandcamp

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