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Big thanks to an Austrian fan who translated this rather progressive German review of Dark Matters into English! Kathi, we love you! 😀

“Scandinavia, a subcontinent where reindeer and moose say good night? Even Reindeer-moose should have been seen there. Further one has to admit that there is always good and original Prog-stuff coming from Scandinavia – a scanned scandal? No, more a scandi-navi-gating phenomen. So far this album reminds me on the unfortunately faded respectively zombie-like King Crimsom (I only belive – despite all emphasis – that the chimney kings are still alive when I hear brand new sounds coming out of the chimneys!) and Gentle Giant or on recent bands as Diablo Swing Orchestra and Thieves‘ Kitchen. But the disk is certainly no plagiarism and that’s why the Scandinavians will neither get into hot water nor will they be locked up in a room together with Peter Greenaways film-protagonists cook, thief, his wife and her lover. In most of the pieces wonderful slightly jazzy saxophone-sounds join the euphonius hybrids.

The team – … – is vocally represented in many facets by Katja Sirkiä, Mikko Jokinen, Minja Aho and Leevi Pesonen; the instruments are played extremely versed by Janne Murto (tenor-saxophone), Antti Pesonen (guitar, keybords, programming and soundscapes), Pate Kivinen (hammond orgue, moog and mini-moog), Qumma (warr guitar), Eero Uurtimo (bass) as well as Tuomo Lassila (drums and percussion – by the way a founding member of Stratovarius).

Apart from some esthetic/beautiful vocal- and melody-lines this disk has more or less nothing in common with the neo-prog of „canned-supermarket-music“. More as an antithesis you again and again find some weird and partly even dissonant parts – planned tonal obselence.

Find Neo: failure/dead loss! One man’s meat is another man’s poison.

Fortunately I am one of the „meat-men“ so that I also take delight in the text-concept, which picks out homo sapiens sapiens‘ dark sides as a central theme. For only if one is being confronted with his own shades or confronts himself, he is able to transcend. That’s also the bands slogan for the album „dark matters“ ex umbris ad lucem – there is nothing to add, just that the CD with its 52,5 minutes is too fast over and that there will hopefully be a new release soon.” -Frank Bender, Ragazzi