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Contemporary Dead Finnish Music Ensemble or CDFME for short is a musical community with sole purpose to bring good music to the world.

The Ensemble was born in a year 2000 out of the need to bring back some of the more ambitious and progressive music that had to go literally underground in the 1980’s and -90’s. We released our first album ”Ideal Standards Vol. 1” in 2004 and the anticipated follower ”Land of Hope” in 2009. The newcomer “Dark Matters” (2014) is a natural continuation and evolution from that. We feel that the songs are well constructed; production values and musicianship are good and even radio ready (sic). In fact, in many ways this might be our strongest effort yet.  “Dark Matters” is an adventureous concept album in the true progrock tradition without getting stuck to it. Five thematically linked tracks that go seamlessly from one to another build an entirety that reflects the dark sides of the human nature from different angles. There is the Zealot, the Lunatic and the Addict… We all have something to hide, don’t we?

One way to describe our music is to imagine a heavy space battleship that is loaded with white lilies and red roses and in place of the engines there are colossal flocks of hummingbirds. Heavy solid bottom, eclectic middle ground and delicately powerful top make this band strong and personal sounding. The music is hard-hitting, intensive symphonic rock with lots of room for air and elegance. The songs are melodic and cinematic, progressive without being pompous in a needless manner.

  • Katja Sirkiä, vocals
  • Mikko Jokinen, vocals
  • Minja Aho, backing vocals
  • Janne Murto, saxophone
  • Antti Pesonen, guitar, synths & samplers, programming, sound manipulation
  • Pate Kivinen, Hammond organ and Moog Minimoog
  • Qumma, Warr Guitar
  • Eero Uurtimo, bass
  • Tuomo Lassila, drums, electric and acoustic percussion

Quotes from the reviews:

“In an era when the mass consumers relate to music with a passive dumbness, skipping the tracks that they don’t dig within the first ten seconds, it’s respectful that there are still music makers who treasure the challenging concept album as a form of expression. Even more respectful is to find music makers who have been able to fit creeping madness into a musical outfit. There isn’t too much progressive rock with a splash of gothic made in this world.” “Dark Matters” 8.02.2014, Kalevi Heino

“…all in all an excellent release!” – Marco Bernard, Colossus Magazine. “The album really sounds definitive, a good ensemble with personality.” – Matti Kervinen, Wolfgang Records. “One of the best records of Finnish prog-rock. 5 stars.” – ProgePirkka, ProgolForum. “Highly recommended.” – Marc Roy, ProGGnosis. “The band partly succeeded in producing a strong modern Progressive Rock album with both melancholic and melodic music themes. Recommended.” – psarros/ProgArchives. “Behind this misleading band name, there is a jewel.” – Torodd Fuglesteg/ProgArchives. “… the beautiful voice of Katja Sirkiä bends admirably from clear sighs to powerful but controlled showcases.” – Kalevi Heino/ “This is one of the most ambitious and most progressive Finnish albums recently.” ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ – Matti/ProgArchives 

band drawn by ewa galak

Katja Sirkiä (vocals)

“She looks like an angel, sings like an angel – but talks like a woman.”

Graduated as an actor in 1999. Vocal music studies: Sibelius Academy, Pop & Jazz Conservatory and Actors´ Studio New York 2004.

Theatre work: The Spiral Theatre/ Theatre for Kids, Theatre of Varkaus, National Radio Theatre, UIT / Hair, Theatre of Tampere / West Side Story, Helsinki City Theatre.

Dubbings in movies and TV

Miscellaneous: high soprano voice with wide range, basic skills from ballet, jazz- and step dance, other native language is German. Hobbies incl. singing (Really, that’s a surprise!?), composing, playing the piano and dance.

Mikko Jokinen (vocals)


“Mikko is a dogs person, you can tell by the pleading look in his blue-grey eyes.”

Mikko is known as a social and special person and has a long and strong career as a singer and guitar player in various bands and recordings (e.g. Rivendell) and his high rock tenor has been heard in many musicals and shows in the theatres all around the country (e.g. Evita, Avenue Q, Les Misérables). He is also a very versatile and skilful guitar player.

Antti Pesonen (guitars, synths & samplers, bass, programming, sound manipulation)


“Antti tries to find the inner value of playing guitar – or he could be thinking about Italian food as well.” 

Started to play violin in the age of five, moved to cello five years later – thankfully. Didn’t like the high notes. Guitar playing and interest for The Beatles and Elvis started a few years later. After seven years it was a time to choose. He preferred the high notes again but differently. After quitting the cello in the Conservatory of Helsinki he studied guitar about five years in the Pop/Jazz Conservatory. Has also studied musicology in the University of Helsinki. The subject of his master’s thesis was Music and the Horror: How music affects the emotions. Now works for Finnish National Opera. Likes music from Abba to Alban Berg, Beatles to Beethoven, Coltrane to Chopin, Dav… – okay okay, you got the picture. Hobbies include Italian language, food and wine. Perhaps not quite in that order. Main guitar: Ruokangas Duke DeLuxe Custom “Lilith”.


Rami Talja (Warr Guitar)

rami“Rami needs more strings than most bass players – in more ways than one.” 

Photographer, artist and painter, creator of Qumma Art
Masters also bass and Chapman Stick.

In 1999 played in the King Crimson tribute band Kärpästen Herra / Lord of the Flies

Eero Uurtimo (bass)


“Eero is every mother’s dream son-in-law. He’s still so young he has to concentrate very hard to play the higher notes.”

This young bass virtuoso happens to be a true and wise gentleman, such a rarity amongst the bass players, wouldn’t you say. Eero is doing a lot of gigging and studio work. Keep pounding it!

Tuomo Lassila (drums and percussion)


“Tuomo and his drums – it’s not all about the size, you know.” 

The original drummer and founder of Stratovarius (1984 –1995).
Graduated percussionist from Sibelius Academy 1997. Principal percussionist in the Lohja Philharmonic Orchestra. Plays also flute. Relaxes in Metal Gods and Suomi-Bossa. Makes minimalist electronic music and spandex heavy in his home studio. Recent achievements: a drivers licence.



“A young dreamer like one of his idols.”

In order to understand the present one must appreciate the past. Only then we can confront the future. Here is the evolution of Antti’s bands and line-ups.

Outsiders (*1979 +1982)

Guitar, vocals: Antti Pesonen
Bass, vocals: Eero Toikka
Drums: Pertti Kansikas

Main achievements:
Five compositions
Two demo tapes
Gigs outdoors, churches, youth clubs
Third place in a national band contest

Angel Dust (*1982 +1984)

Vocals: Kimmo Lassila
Guitars, vocals: Antti Pesonen
Bass: Vesa Välimaa
Drums: Pertti Kansikas

Main achievements:
Demo tape in the Studio of Lepakkoluola
Five compositions of which “Lilith” appears as a hidden track on Land of Hope

Kharon (*1985 +1987)

Vocals, lyrics: Kimmo Lassila -> Nina Bergman
Guitars, vocals and compositions: Antti Pesonen
Keyboards, vocals: Matti Jalava
Bass: Päivi Visapää -> Harri Väyrynen -> Rami Talja
Drums: Pertti Kansikas -> Tuomo Lassila -> Marko Latvanen

Main achievements:
Compositions: “The Silent Side of Me”, “Dark Ages”, “Ozone”, “Returning”, “On the Ferry” (a.k.a. “The Epos”), “Molested”.
Demo tape in Studio 303 16. – 17. 11. 1985 with tracks “Ozone”, “Returning”, “The Silent Side of Me” and “Dark Ages”
Legendary gig in Ålborg, Denmark with the new Angel Dust and Stratovariuswhere Timo Tolkki’s silver 1977 Fender Stratocaster was stolen.
Participation in a band contests with no success: ”No man in his sound mind would listen to this kind of prog in these days.”
Two demo tapes more with large amount of new material containing also compositions from Jalava and lyrics by Latvanen.
From these we were able to reconstruct “Returning”, “On the Ferry” and “Molested” for the “Land of Hope”

Paha Kurki (*1987 +1989)

paha kurki

Line-up I:
Vocals: Hanna Raulo (1988 – 89)
Guitars, vocals: Antti Pesonen
Keyboards, vocals: Matti Jalava
Bass, Stick: Rami Talja
Drums: Marko Latvanen -> Matti Sunell

Main achievements:
Language was changed to Finnish
All band members started to contribute either musically or lyrically
Gigs in the metropolitan area, Shadow Club, KY Exit, Kultti, Ida etc.
National band contest semi finals in Lahti 19.10.89
Last gig in Restaurant Pormestari 27.11.89
More demo tapes:
A: “Uusi heimo”, “Varo Suurinkvisiittoria!” and “Kuunnousu”
B: “Migreeni”, “Älykäs peto” and “Nuku nyt”
C: “Turhat juoksut”, “Kellon alla”, “Kevyesti keskellä päivää”, “Älykäs peto”, “Tulimaa” and “Afrika”.

Paha Kurki 
(*1991 +6.8.1994)

Line-up II:
Vocals, keyboards Matti Jalava
Guitars, vocals: Antti Pesonen
Bass, Stick: Rami Talja
Drums: Otto Ylönen -> Pasi Rupponen -> Marko Latvanen
Marimba, percussion: Matti Sunell (1991 – 92)

Main achievements:

Demo tape “Ylösalaisin” recorded by Timo Tolkki
In May 1993 took place the recording and publishing of the first CD made forSimulacruM label (SLACD001). A single containing “Myrskyn merkit” / “Silmät nähdä” .
1994 January 6th a double bill gig with Pekka Pohjola Group.
A small national tour.

Faunin Iltapäivä (*1994 +1996)


Vocals, lyrics: Marjut Fabritius
Guitar, vocals: Antti Pesonen
Keyboards: Kai Lassfolk
Stick, bass: Rami Talja
Drums, percussion: Otto Ylönen -> Tuomo Lassila (+1996)
Percussion, marimba: Teho Marjamäki (+1996)

Main achievements:
Winner of the national rock-lyric contest 1995
Gigs: Provinssi Rock Festival 11.6.95, Ilosaari Rock Festival, Double bill with Rite of Strings 28.10.95, Tavastia Club 10.1.96, Teatro 4.5.96, Down by the Laituri summer –96, Tavastia Club 7.11.96
Demo tape with three compositions
Live recording “Lavalla Tavalla” (Tavastia Club 10.1.96)


Tekniikan Ihmeet (*1997 +1998)

Vocals, keyboards: Matti Jalava
Guitar, vocals: Antti Pesonen
Keyboards, viola and vocals: Max Savikangas
Bass: Rami Talja
Drums, flute and vocals: Tuomo Lassila
Percussion, violin: Jan Vaaka

Main achievements:
The 40 minutes long concept piece “Väylien hälyä” (“Channel noises“) was a commissioned work from the Colossus ry. and was performed live only once in Tavastia Club 3.1.97
The recording of the album “Väylien hälyä” in 10 – 12.2.97



Let us hear what Nick in Fresno tells us:

“In 98 there was a wonderful Finnish band called TEKNIIKAN IHMEET that released a fresh-sounding, adventurous music CD called “Väylien hälyä”. It was a concept album about the problems of communication in the age when communication is supposed to be easier than ever. I love a concept album with a concept, don’t you?  It’s all in Finnish but with a little help from friends, the lyrics show themselves to be quite poignant. The tunes on this album are all keepers by prog standards; with all the elements we look for & without a trace of pandering.” Thanks Nick!

We would like to offer you a rare chance of listening this currently out of print concept album as three mp3 clips. Here you are, enjoy:


Music by Pesonen-Savikangas-Jalava-Vaaka-Talja-Lassila. Lyrics by Jalava. Produced by Tekniikan Ihmeet 1997 (Out of print). All Rights Reserved.

  1. Kontaktiin 1:14
  2. Kanavalla 3:25
  3. Radiohiljaisuus 6:07
  4. Pysäyttäkää kone I 1:24
  5. Kova kone 9:13
  6. Pysäyttäkää kone II 1:12
  7. Väylien hälyä 1:54
  8. Synkroonikot 2:21
  9. Pysäyttäkää kone III 1:49
  10. Deus ex machina 6:08
  11. Pelit ja vehkeet 2:54
  12. Viimeinen sammuttaa valot 1:48

Kärpästen Herra / Lord of the Flies (*1998 +15.5.99)

Line up:
Vocals: Tanja Tiusanen
Guitar: Saku Mantere
Guitar and Peppertronics: Antti Pesonen
Bass and Stick: Rami Talja
Drums: Teemu Hänninen

Main achievements:
King Crimson Tribute Live Performance in Tavastia Club 15.5.1999
Set list: “Kärpästen Herra” (Mantere), “Red”, “One More Red Nightmare”, “Breathless”, “I Talked to the Wind”, “Discipline”, “Lark’s Tongues in Aspic Pt. 2”, “21st Century Schizoid Man”.


E la nave va.