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Magical quality to all songs. Superb. I can hardly wait for the new album erupting later this month. Well done!” -Gregory L. Pendleton,



1. Returning 4:18 mp3 (lyrics)
2. Stranger In My Hometown 6:18 mp3
3. Psycho Rollercoaster 4:15 mp3
4. The Orange Tip 5:48 mp3 (lyrics)
5. Land Of Hope 4:33 mp3 (lyrics)
6. All I Need 4:30 mp3 (lyrics)
7. ThinKing Music Pt. 1 mp3
8. Kharon (On The Ferry) 11:30 mp3 (lyrics)

Katja Sirkiä, vocals
Antti Pesonen, guitars, synthesizers, programming and sound manipulation
Matti Jalava, organ, electric piano, keyboards and vocals
Eero Uurtimo, bass
Tuomo Lassila, drums and percussions

Special guest: Rami Talja, Warr Guitar in “Psycho Rollercoaster” and “Land of Hope”

String quartet in “All I Need”:
Katariina Pesonen, violin
Mikko Pesonen, violin
Max Savikangas, viola
Sanna Palas-Lassila, cello

All music composed and arranged by Antti Pesonen

Lyrics: “Stranger In My Hometown”,”Psycho Rollercoaster”,”Land Of Hope” and “All I Need” by Make Latvanen. “Returning” and “Lilith (Daughter Of Night)” by Kimmo Lassila. “Kharon (On The Ferry)” by Lassila / Pesonen. “The Orange Tip” by Matti Jalava.

Recorded, engineered and mixed by Antti Pesonen at Mellvox Studios between June ’07 – July ’09. “All I Need” string quartet co-recorded with Kai Lassfolk at Finnish National Opera May ’08.

Mastered at Chartmakers by Svante Forsbäck September ’09
Artwork, logos and layout by Matti Jalava
Photographs by Qumma

ThinKing Music Pt. 1 is dedicated to the memory of Pekka Pojola. R.I.P.
The Orange Tip is dedicated to Riikka-Marian.
Our gratitude goes to our families, mates, loved ones, fans & everybody involved in creating this album. Thank You. E la nave va.

℗ 2009 Antti Pesonen

© TEOSTO/NCB SimulacruM Records SLACD003. All Rights Reserved.

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