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To continue the work of remixing the songs from Land of Hope, we thought All I Need would be an easy one, as it has only vocals and a string quartet. Well, easy or not but it was fun!
All I Need was originally composed for acoustic guitar and vocal. It used to be the opening piece for a live set, the whole band coming in gradually within the song. During the making of Land Of Hope we thought it would be great to have some different sounds on the album, like strings or horns. I have always loved the sound of a string quartet and came with the idea of new arrangement for the whole song. Instead of augmenting the band with the strings, let’s have only the strings and vocals – nothing else!
The rehearsing and recording of the quartet was done on the same day, in one three hour session. It was very nerve wrecking to wait for the first reactions of the musicians. We had never written anything serious for strings before so it was likely there were things that were stupid or even impossible to play. Luckily after some explaining things were clear, they liked it and everybody were happy! We recorded three takes. No click track was used so the whole performance must be satisfactory, editing wouldn’t be possible. Take #2 was the one that’s heard on the album.
The goal of the remix was to get the aural image more intimate, to help the touching story (of longing after an invaluable relationship you can’t have anymore) coming through and to aid the beautiful and powerful voice of the singer Katja Sirkiä to have more impact in the arrangement with the amazing strings. Special thanks to “CDFME String Quartet”: Katariina, Mikko, Max and Sanna! We are forever grateful. <3
In many ways this is a unique piece in our catalog and we hope you like it!
ReMix by A. Pesonen, Mastered by J. Huotari @Sauna Studios
Stream it as high res mp3 from our homepage or download as .wav-file from Bandcamp.