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This summer has been unusually cold and wet here in Finland. One has to find something to do indoors, like cleaning and general housekeeping. In the attic we stumbled on to a box containing the hard drive from year 2000 that had the Pro Tools sessions for the Ideal Standards Vol. 1 album. I had completely forgotten these backups! There were some extra steps involved but eventually I was able to transfer the files and to open them in modern Pro Tools session. Thank you for the backwards compability Avid (Digidesign back then)!
The ending track – Stop The Machine! – had always been a band favorite. We felt it was solid piece of music and had a nice contrast of heaviness and fragility. Also, for a over ten minutes song it had very simple basics and structure and still worked, which was nice. You didn’t have to have nine different parts in different time signatures to have “a proper” proge-rock song. Last but not least, the lyrics (originally in Finnish by Make Latvanen) were strong, making a point and telling a story that could have been a script for a scifi / horror movie. So it made perfect candidate for an attempt to mix it again!
The goal of the remix was to get the aural image closer and more clear to the listener so that the story would come through stronger and the beautiful and powerful voice of the singer Katja Sirkiä had more presence. Of course heavy parts should be heavier and delicate parts more delicate. 🙂
Being earlier as only downloadable with the whole album you can now stream it as high res mp3 from our homepage or download as .wav-file from Bandcamp.
ReMix by A. Pesonen, Mastered by J. Huotari @Sauna Studios
We hope you like it! Enjoy and have a better summer!! 🙂