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Quotes from the reviews of all three albums:

“…all in all an excellent release!” – Marco Bernard, Colossus Magazine.

“The album really sounds definitive, a good ensemble with personality.” – Matti Kervinen, Wolfgang Records.

“One of the best records of Finnish prog-rock. 5 stars.” – ProgePirkka, ProgolForum.

“Highly recommended.” – Marc Roy, ProGGnosis.

“The band partly succeeded in producing a strong modern Progressive Rock album with both melancholic and melodic music themes. Recommended.” – psarros/ProgArchives.

“Behind this misleading band name, there is a jewel.” – Torodd Fuglesteg/ProgArchives.

“… the beautiful voice of Katja Sirkiä bends admirably from clear sighs to powerful but controlled showcases.” – Kalevi Heino/

“This is one of the most ambitious and most progressive Finnish albums recently.” ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ – Matti/ProgArchives

”Scene II, The Lunatic – Black Monk is a true masterpiece within a masterpiece.” – Teijo Salminen/Colossus Magazine #46

Dark Matters is something to appreciate, to sum it up – definitely a highlight in 2014 – 4.5 stars.” – Rivertree/ProgArchives

“The slickness of the production, the musical self‑restraint — and the formidable vocals add up to a surprisingly listener‑friendly experience.”

– Chris Korff /

“Overall this is a very interesting concept album, with an excellent production and sound. Certainly the band emerges into the brightness throughout this piece of work.” – Alan Weston, DPRP

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